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Author: Andrzej Niwiński   |   Pages: 487–499



A hypothesis is put forward in this article that the three royal names known from the early Twenty-second Dynasty: Ḥḳȝ-ḫpr-Rʿ, Twt-ḫpr-Rʿ and Mȝʿ-ḫpr-Rʿ, actually labeled as ‘Shoshenq II a, b, c’ should be understood as variants of the name of the King Shoshenq I Ḥḏ-ḫpr-Rʿ. Characteristics of Shoshenq I’ reign and a number of novelties introduced by him, as well as the details of his burial equipment discovered in the vestibule of Psusennes I’s tomb in Tanis are analyzed.



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