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Author: Christiane Ziegler   |   Pages: 747–760



Between 1995 and 2000, the Mission archéologique du Louvre à Saqqara, while searching the substructure of the Akhethetep mastaba (Louvre E 10958), rediscovered another mastaba, known as E 17, built along the first one. This tomb was already mentioned by A. Mariette and then partly studied in the beginning of the twentieth century by H. Petrie and M. Murray. The French fieldwork recovered architectural fragments and shed light on the small finely decorated chapel covered with daily life scenes such as offerings bearers or the deceased fishing in the marshes, all with many evidences of colours. The owner was named Akhethetep and appears with his sons Rekhuef and Pehernefer. Some of his titles describe him as King’s liegeman, overseer of the division(s) of divine offerings in the Two Houses. He must have lived under Unas’ reign or a bit later. We assume he was a grandson of the Louvre Akhethetep as his name and the location of his mastaba show it.



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